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Saturday, 4 May 2019

iNSD Already! I’m so sorry!

I try to keep up with life but it tends to get away from me.  This amazing digital scrapbooking day is no exception.  Unfortunately a couple of weeks ago my computer power supply decided to stop working so I have been unable to upload my part for the blog hop.  I truly apologize for this and I also apologize for being late with this post.  I will hopefully be back in business sometime next week and I will put a note in the forum when I have my portion posted.  Sorry everyone!

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Long time no freebie :) - Fixed Links!!!

Hi Everyone!  Yes, thankfully I am still here.  I have just been crocheting instead of designing.  I'm thinking of starting a crochet blog as well since I am now well on the way to designing my own pieces.  For today however, I have a digital freebie for you.

This was originally supposed to be a kit to benefit a digiscrap friend with cancer.  Sadly she did not win her battle and passed away before we could release it.  I decided, in memory of all who fight this battle and all illness, whether physical or mental, to release it here for free.  You may use it to scrap whatever you would like but I encourage you to use it to remember someone loved and lost.

Have a great day World :)

Monday, 11 December 2017

New Freebie!! Merry Christmas :)

Christmas Cork Elements for you to enjoy on your personal use projects :)

Download here: Christmas in Cork

I hope everyone out there in the World has a safe and happy holiday season full of family and love.  

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Ships Ahoy Wilma4Ever Blogtrain :)

Today I am participating in my very first Wilma4Ever blogtrain!!  I hope you like what I have come up with.  It's bright and happy and reminds me of cool breezes and warm water!

Have a super duper day from Tracy K. :)

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Ladybug Rock Planner Freebie

I have been really liking the planner freebies.  The seem to be something I can use over and over again and I have found that my kids like them as well.  I don't have a special machine to cut them out so I just print them on sticker paper on my inkjet and cut them out with nail scissors.  Works like a charm and the girls stay busy for a while :)

My Ladybug Rock kit is available here, here and here.

and here is the matching freebie

Hope you like the freebie and consider buying the kit or bundle.  They are all on sale currently.

Have a happy day from Tracy K.

New Freebie!!

Yes is has been a while since I posted and even longer since I posted a freebie.  Life has been a bit challenging of late but I am healing and starting to be myself again.  Starting to create again. :)  I hope life has been treating all of you well and you are all happy.

Today's freebie is an add-on to my Blast Off freebies.  I linked the elements but there are papers and journal cards too!!  and now you can add planner printable's to the collection.

I saved them as .jpeg files and .png files.  I am not really sure what the planner community needs in terms of files for cutting.  If anyone would like to educate me on this please feel free to leave me some info in the comments section :)

Have a day from Tracy K.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Do you Crochet?

Hello World!  I have a confession to make.  I am a craft supply hoarder.  My yarn and fabric in particular have taken over my home.  This holiday season I am challenging myself, and you too, to create holiday gifts using only what you have on hand.  No buying new supplies.  For me this will be a bit of a challenge because I tend to want the "perfect" fabric or yarn for each project.  That's how I got here ha ha.

I have only been crocheting for a year and a half so I am still new to it but I admit I am addicted.  This is a blanket I am making for my oldest girl.  She is 21 and she chose the colors.  I've started (not kidding here) 9 different blankets for her but because I want it to be perfect, I keep frogging them.  This current one is the only one to make it this far and will be the winner.  She is getting very frustrated with me and claims she doesn't care if I make mistakes or not :)  I feel that since she will keep this for the rest of her life and it will live somewhere in her home and hopefully be loved by her kids in the future, I want it to be perfect.  Here it is:

It's just over half finished now and will be big enough to cover a double bed when it's finished.  Perfect for cuddling under alone or with her future kids or hubby.

I am considering writing a pattern for it but really it's a very simple blanket.  Also, I am going to do a roundup of teen friendly free crochet projects for the holidays.  Maybe if that goes well or if I am feeling good about the post I will do some more round up posts.  Ideas are appreciated.

What are you working on for the holiday season?

Happy Crafting World!