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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Brown Linen Grade 1 Dress (better pics)

So this year I really wanted to sew all of my kids a few back to school items.  That plan got derailed when I decided to go back to SK for the month of August.  I did get a few things done for Allie though.  This Brown dress was upcycled from a skirt I bought at the thrift store.  The local thrift store has $5.00 bag days.  You get a brown paper bag when you walk in the door and you can cram whatever you want into it.  I look for nice fabric in bigger sizes so that I can bring them home and upcycle them.  After a little thought this is what I ended up with.  Allie seems to like it and wears it regularly.  I plan to make a long sleeve top and some leggings to match this week.  Top and leggings with be made with thrifted knit in while and teal stripes.

Once again sorry for the not so great pics but these are better than the first ones I posted!!!  By far!!  It has a bubble hem and the colorful fabric was from a fat quarter I've had in my stash for a few months.

Hope you had and are having a wonderful day!



  1. Cute dress...I want a thrift store with a brown bag day!!!!! LUcky duck, you!

    1. Thanks for looking even though my thumbnail didn't work! Much appreciated.