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Monday, 12 November 2012

AJ`s Gym Shirt - By Request

 AJ doesn`t ask me to sew things for him very often.  So when he does I do my best to create what he asks for.  This time he asked for a gym shirt.  He was very specific.  It had to be out of the grey sweatshirt material, it had to be a tank top and no it couldn`t be embellished in any way.  Even adding the black ribbing was a stretch but in the end he really liked it.

The bands turned out perfect on the sleeves but the neckline I am not proud of.  Since I didn`t have a ready made pattern and as usual created my own by tracing an existing shirt, I wasn`t sure exactly how long to make the ribbing.  Turns out less is more in terms of necklines.  It looks pretty good until he puts it on.  The it gapes a bit with the black ribbing sagging in the middle at the front.  I hate looking at it to be honest but AJ loves the shirt and wouldn`t let me take the neckline apart to make the ribbing smaller.  He was too impatient and wanted to bring it to school right away.  Oh well, live and learn!

On the plus side he really does like it and for me that is the best compliment.  Especially from a boy who grabs whatever his hand lands on first (whether it`s clean or dirty!!) and throws it on in the morning.  So this one is going in the success column despite it`s mistakes.

I hope you have and are having a wonderful day!

Sidney`s Dolman Top - Version 1

 This is the first Dolman Sleeve Top I created for Sid.  She chose the fabric and asked for the button detail.  I added the tie at the bottom hoping she`d like it and she did.  The only real problem with this top is that it`s a bit too short for her long back.  That means butt crack showing when she`s playing.  Something I`m not a fan of, as I`m sure most of you out there aren`t. 

Sid still wears this top a lot.  Like every time it`s washed but I really wish I had made it longer.  I`m thinking of detaching the band and creating a wider one.

I love how the tie turned out!  Gives it a bit of style which my little fashionista likes.

I managed to mach of the stripes fairly well.  A fact that I`m proud of since this shirt was probably only my second time sewing stripes.

If I was asked right now what my favorite sewing notion is I would answer ``My neon thread``.  My last 10 or 12 projects have been sewn with neon thread with the exception of AJ`s pillowcase and a few things I created for one of the neighborhood kids birthday.

For the elastic closure I used a hair elastic.  They come in so many colors and are so cheap that you can stock up and always have the one you want right there when you want it.  Hide them from your girls though or they will end up in their hair instead of on their clothes!!!

Hope you have and are having a wonderful day!

Don't Shoot Fall Jacket

My son needed a fall jacket badly this year.  After watching him run out the door and shiver for a few mornings it got started thinking.  After looking through my stash of fabric this is what I came up with.  It's bright and all boy and perfect for him.  The orange fleece was really easy to work with but hard to photograph.  It still looks a bit different in person, almost glows!  The striped lining fabric is a knit I picked up at a garage sale this summer.  I think the two fabrics go really well together and this jacket has become the one we all reach for if we have to run outside for something in a hurry.  It's been washed a few times and worn for almost 2 months and still looks great so I'm calling it a success.

Since I didn't use a pattern there are a few mistakes.  The most glaring and embarrassing one is the bottom band.  It somehow ended up wider at one edge than the other so the edges don't match up very well.  I took a picture of this and posted it because I want you to avoid my mistakes!!!  Measure carefully and be careful not to stretch your knit fabric.  This mistake is surprisingly not very noticeable when he is wearing the jacket.  I guess busy boys cover their Mom's sewing goofs well!!!

I used this tutorial  by Jessica of Me Sew Crazy for the construction of the jacket.  As in how I sewed the lining and the outer jacket together.  It seems confusing at first but just go slow and you will get it.  To create my pattern I simply traced a sweater of my son's that I knew fit him.  I wanted the jacket to be bigger so I added a seam allowance and 2 inches to the front, back and sleeves.  For the hood I did an internet search for 3 piece hood pattern because I didn't have enough fabric left for a 2 piece hood.  In the end I just traced around an existing hood and then drew a line where I wanted the middle piece to be.  When you create your middle piece don't forget to double the width, otherwise you will be sewing it down the middle which would create a 4 piece hood instead of a 3 piece hood.

All in all it was a fun project that I'm happy I attempted.  Especially since my son loves it and has since requested a shirt for gym and a pillowcase (posts coming soon for both).  I haven`t done much sewing for him so it`s been very nice to create things he really likes.

Hope you have and are having a wonderful day!