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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Free Christmas Word-Art!

These were designed in 2011 in my last few weeks of designing digital scrapbooking kits at Plain Digital Wrapper.  Still love you all Lisa and Lynn and everyone else!!  I have been looking through all my digikits lately and marveling at myself.  I am honestly amazed at all the things I created.  These caught my eye due to the season and I thought I would put them up here on the blog for free.  I hope someone can find some cool use for them.  They are all .png files without shadows and some are available both as distressed images and non-distressed images.  To download them just click on the image.  Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

New Tutorial and free pattern - Upcycled Neck Cozy

I guess I must have warm neck on my mind these days.   I mean let's face it, when the temp drops to -15 it's nice to be cozy!!

For this one I used a T-shirt for the backing and a warm and cozy lounge around the house sweater that I never wore for the outside.

I actually tweaked this pattern quite a few times to get the perfect fit and to fit it onto the paper with as little waste as I could manage.

This is my outer fabric.  I never wore this sweater even though I really like the pattern and coziness of it.  It just didn't fit me right and made me look way to grandma and not enough va va vooom!

Ready to get started?

Step 1 - Download and print your pattern.  You can download it here.
Step 2 - Choose something to use.  I used an old t-shirt and an old fleece sweater but you could certainly use new fabric.
Step 3 - Cut out your pattern pieces.  I designed this pattern so that you could cut off two sides of each sheet at the pink line.  Put your pieces together.  I included a pattern "map" as the last page to print to make it easier to fit everything together.
Step 4 -  Cut two Neck Pieces and two Shoulder Pieces from your lining fabric.

Step 5 - Sew the shoulders of the neck pieces where I marked in red on the picture.

Step 6 - Sew the sides of the neck piece where I marked in red on the picture.

Step 7 - Find the center front and center back of your neck piece.  I folded mine in half and used my handy dandy chalk to mark it.

Step 8 - Match up your Neck piece side seams with your Shoulder piece shoulder seams and pin.

Step 9 - Find the center front and center back of your Shoulder piece and match them up with the center front and center back of your neck piece and pin.    

Step 10 - Pin the rest of the way around.  Everything should match up fairly well but you can stretch slightly to make it fit perfectly.  Sew around the raw edge.  I used a 5/8 seam allowance on mine but I think you could pretty much use whatever seam allowance your are comfortable with.

Step 11 - Now you have this!  You could stop here if you didn't want to finish your edges or line your neck cozy.

Step 12 - Repeat Steps 1 through 11 for your outer fabric.  For mine I took advantage of the existing hem to make the top of my neck cozy look even better.  To do this I folded my pattern piece over by 5/8 to account for my hem and then cut.  This way I didn't have to fold the top over to hem it later on.

Step 13 - This is my finished outer piece.  You should have two identical neck cozies, one outer and one inner.

Step 14 - Put one piece face up on the table and put one face down on top of it.  You are putting right sides together.  Pin around the edges.  In the photo below I am showing you the same neck cozy from each side.  Don't forget to leave a 2 or 3 inch spot unsewn so that you can turn everything right side out when your are done.

Step 15 - I repeat, leave a space unsewn (I may or may not have forgotten to do this a time or two).  I remind myself to stop sewing by putting my pins in a different direction.

Step 16 - Turn your Neck Cozy right side out and line up the neck pieces.  It will look weird at first (sorry I forgot to take a pick of this step) but it works.  You just have to get your neck pieces going together properly.  The wrong sides will be together and the right sides facing out.  You can see on mine that my liner is sticking up.  This is because I left the original hem.

Step 17 - Fold your two neck pieces so that they are even at the top with the raw edges hidden inside and sew.

Step 18 - Find somewhere cold to wear your new Neck Cozy!!  

These next pictures are just to show how mine looks inside my jacket and also to get myself used to having my picture taken.  I am starting to get the hang of it and feel a tad more comfortable in front of the camera instead of behind it.  Sidney has been my photographer so far and she is very easy to work with :)

Channeling my inner masked bandit!!!!

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Bumblebee Dress Blog Tour - Today is my day!!!

My latest Bumblebee Dress by Sewing Mama Rae Anna has light purple which Allie loves and black with tiny white flowers which I love.  I actually bought this fabric for myself about 2 years ago but never got around to sewing anything with it.  When I was looking around for fabric to use for the latest Bumblebee Dress I knew I wanted a more traditional look than my last version here.  

I couldn't resist doing a double ruffle on the sleeves again.  It's really easy to do, here are the steps:
Step 1 - Cut out 2 ruffles in each of the fabrics you want to use
Step 2 - Decide which fabric you want as your top ruffle.
Step 3 - Iron that one in half lengthwise
Step 4 - Pin along the top of your second fabric matching the raw edges
Step 5 - Baste the two together
Step 6 - Treat the two ruffles as one and follow the rest of RaeAnna's directions.

I decided to add the ruffle from View B to the bottom of my View A dress because I am just loving the ruffles.  They make me smile.  I followed the exact same process as for the sleeves.  I won't lie the bottom ruffle was a labor of love for sure but when I was done I was smiling and I think every time I see Allie wear this dress I will smile.

Double Ruffle <3

Bodice Ruffle <3

Double Ruffle on the bottom <3

Unfortunately we were rained out.  It's been raining all weekend and it snowed Friday.  I will take the rain over the snow any day!!  So these pictures are taken under my front deck.  Not ideal and the light was very low so they are a little grainy.  Sorry RaeAnna!!!

I told Allie she could be silly.  So here she is in all her gorgeous 7 year old silliness!!!

I feel that this dress looks very old fashioned.  If the boots were tie up ones she could star in Anne of Green Gables.  She would need a red haired wig though but she has enough freckles :)

I am not sure what this is but lets just say that since November 11th is Remembrance Day she is saluting our Veterans.  I am still not used to the fact that it is not a Holiday here in Quebec.  It was in Saskatchewan and so my hubby is off today.

Yep it's still raining :(

Hope you liked this version of the Bumblebee Dress and will consider buying your own pattern.  It takes a few hours to sew up but in the end you have something to be proud of forever.  Thanks for letting me be part of your blog tour RaeAnna!!

Friday, 1 November 2013

Day 2 - Denim Bow Cuff + Free Pattern

Firstly sorry for the not so stellar pictures :)  The Denim and Orange Plaid pictures were taken during daylight hours and turned out a lot better.  The others were after dark and I had the brilliant idea to "green screen" them with a piece of green Bristol board.  Lets just call it a fail and move on.  I promise I am trying to find my groove for tutorial pictures so please bear with me!!

Step 1 - Download your free pattern here.
Step 2 - Print the pattern and cut out the pieces.
Step 3 - Find some old clothes or fabric your want to cut up.  I used the jeans and shirt below for my first                   try.

Step 4 - Cut out your fabric.  You should have the pieces below plus two large bow pieces.  I added the                     large bow pieces afterwards so I don't have a picture of them.

Step 5 - Take your Main Cuff piece and fold it in half lengthwise with right sides together.  Sew along the long side. 

Step 6 - Turn right side out and center the seam along the back.  Press.  Top stitch along each long edge.

Step 7 - Put the Main Cuff aside for now and pick up your Knot piece.

Step 8 - Fold the long edges to the middle and press.

Step 9 - Top stitch near each edge and then fold your knot right sides together and sew.  It doesn't show in this picture but I also zig zag my edges to prevent fraying.  My machine was not being very nice to me and it took me a while to figure out that I still had my ballpoint needle in.  It wasn't even the tension causing those ugly stitches but the wrong needle!!!

Step 10 - Turn your Knot right side out and slip it onto your Main Cuff piece.  Then fold right sides together and sew across the short edge.  Then zig zag the raw edge and trim off the stray threads.  Turn right side out and set aside.

Step 11 -  The steps will be the same for both the small and the large bow.  Place right sides together and sew both of the long sides.  Turn right side out and press.

Step 12 - Decide which side you like the most.  That will the your "right side".  Fold your bow with "right sides" together.  Sew the short side and zig zag the raw edges.  

Step 13 - Turn right side out.

Step 14 - Slide your Bow into your Knot.

Step 15 - Repeat for Large Bow pieces.

Step 16 - Admire your new Denim Bow Cuff made from totally upcycled materials!

For the Orange Plaid Cuff I used a knot piece twice the size as the one on my pattern.  I cut the knot piece on the fold.  I decided afterwards that it was too big and didn't squeeze the bows nicely.  If your prefer that look then just double the size of the knot piece.  Also I found I like how it looks with the Bow pieces slipped in opposite ways.  This is totally up to you and is a matter of personal preference.

Again sorry for the bad pictures.  I am working hard to improve but I find the tutorial pictures are different from the pictures of my kids in their clothes.  Please don't hold it against me and keep coming to check out what is new :)