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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Can I do it? Thrift challenge.

I'm giving myself a challenge for 2013.  Sew a functional wardrobe for myself and my family using entirely thrifted items. There are so many clothes out there on the world. They are worn and loved and then thrown away or given to goodwill. I challenge myself to use them and thrifted fabric from goodwill or garage sales for all my 2013 sewing. I LOVE buying new fabric but as we enter 2013 I know my family will not be able to afford many luxuries. Sewing isn't only a hobby for me though, it helps keep me sane. If I go for too long without creating something I start to feel lost and depressed. I'm not sure why, I only know it happens. For some reason sewing or creating digital scrapbooking items helps keep me centered. Keeps my brain from going in too many directions and thinking (worrying) about all the things in life that I can't control. Maybe it's because I can control what I sew or design digitally?

My first thrifted projects will be birthday presents for Allie. I can't believe she will be 7 in less than a week!  Here is a list of thing I will attempt to get finished this week using only what I already have on hand. I may have to buy thread though as I am running low on it!

Skirt with matching Cabbage Patch Skirt (maybe tops of I can find the right fabric in my stash)
Mohawk winter hat
Fox scarf
Something Minecraft. I'm not sure what yet but Allie will play Minecraft for hours if I let her so I think she'd love a Minecraft stuffy or shirt. I'll post a link if I find something on the net to make. If not then I will blog about how and what I created. 
Organizer for her markers. This must be 7 year old friendly. Maybe hang on her wall?  She if horrible at keeping her craft supplies together but loves to craft. I want to figure out a way to help her keep her supplies together and at least accessible of not organized. 

Wish me luck and happy sewing and creating :)