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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Banyan Pants in Red

I'm starting a new thing on my blog.  I'm going to let my kids take the majority of pictures.  I know this will drive some of you nuts.  So not professional!  But I am hoping it will give them each a sense of accomplishment when they see their pictures up here for the whole world to see.  These pictures of my very first pair of Banyan Pants by Figgy's were taken by my son A.J.  He's almost 12.  I think you did a great job of capturing your little sister on camera A.J.  You certainly show her energy and style :)  Now if I ever get a pattern testing gig I will do two posts.  One where the kids take the pics and one where I take the pics.  I am not much better to be honest.  I just don't have the patience and I am really hoping that my oldest daughter will take over picture duty soon.

I uses some heavy weight red fabric that I purchased at a garage sale last summer for these pants.  I chose white thread because I love top-stitching and I love contrasting thread.  It shows my mistakes off so nicely :)

I have to say that I love this pattern.  I love the fit, I love the style and I loved the instructions.  I am not good at following directions, it just goes against the grain for me for some reason.  One of my goals for the next few years is to learn to follow patterns and sew much better.  The problem with always drafting my own items is they are almost always first drafts.  Unless I want to sew them multiple times to make changes they will always be flawed.  So I am going to try to use more patterns.

Allie likes these pants a lot.  They are a bit big on her, which I planned.  She doesn't really need any clothes right now so these will be for the fall.  I know right, fall sewing already!  Well I do have 4 children and I want to make them each a few pieces plus sew for myself a bit so I figured I would start early.

I would still like to take some pics of these pants myself or get Jess to do it but for now I am just happy that I got them onto the blog.  I think they turned out beautifully.  Some firsts for me when sewing this pattern were, the zipper fly (yay I did it!!!), the cuffs at the bottom and the 3 piece waist band.  All in all I would say these pants were a definite success.

Happy Sewing :)

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