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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Scirocco Dress from my brother's old sheet!

I LOVE this dress!!  Yes it's made from a sheet which used to cover my little bro in the 70's!  When I found it in my Mom's linen closet recently and asked if I could have it, I think she thought I was crazy.  Then the other day when I was looking through my patterns to figure out what to sew for KCW I came across the Scirocco Pattern by Figgy's on my hard drive.  I think it was meant to be. 

I put all my thread on top of the sheet and asked Allie to pick which one she wanted.  She chose purple so I then used purple binding tape to accent the pleat.

I loved sewing up this pattern but I did change a few things.  The instructions for how to avoid top-stitching just didn't make sense to me.   Besides I love top-stitching and used the purple thread for a reason!  So in the end I stitched around everything in purple.  I also am not very good at narrow hems.  I don't have a rolled hem foot and I know my weaknesses, because of this I chose to cut double the flounces and line each one.  This allowed me to sew around the hem and then turn the flounce right side out.  Looks much better than it would have if I had tried to narrow hem them!!

My oldest daughter is a bit miffed at me for using the sheet for a dress for Allie.  She wanted me to use it for her but c'est la vie.  Sorry Jess I will make you something else soon :)  Speaking of Jess, she took the pictures of Allie.  The baby bunnies are about a week and a half old now.  Their eyes are still closed but they are looking more and more like bunnies everyday.  I can't believe how fast they grow!

I know it may be hard to get a real sense of the dress from these pictures but I love them anyhow.  Great job Jessica!

My little model!  Jessica also did her hair.  It's Jess's chore every morning to get Allie's hair brushed and pretty.  She figured out a few weeks ago that if she takes the time to braid Allie's hair on Sunday night she can leave it in all week!  I also hope it helps keep the dreaded lice away.  The kids school is horrid!!!  I get a notice every week that there is lice in the class.  Now that I've grossed everyone out, scroll down and check out more pics of my youngest cutie pie.

Happy Sewing!

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