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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Allie loves to Climb!

Allison loves to climb this tree!  She asks me everyday if she can climb it but I only say yes if I am outside.  The branches aren't really very big and I am afraid one will break on her but it's not all that high up.  I used old kits of mine to scrap this.  Some of the items were color adjusted to fit the photos.

Happy Scrapping from Tracy K.

Walk like you mean it! and a color scheme

My hubby bought me new shoes 10 days ago.  The soles fell off my old ones!  Usually I walk 5K with my dog everyday.  This is what they look like already!

Have a happy active day everyone :)

Tracy K.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

More Color Schemes for digi scrapping!

Enjoy these color schemes for whatever you wish to use them for.  Please don't use the pictures themselves for anything though :)

Happy Scrapping from me to you!

Tracy K.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Color, color, color!

I hope someone out there can use these colors for creating a digiscrap kit or as a color scheme for a blog.  I am thinking of redoing the girls room using one of these color schemes!

Happy creating from me to you!

Tracy K.

I Love This Picture

There is something about the look on her face in this picture.  It makes me smile and makes me want to hug her.

So very nice to be scrapping!!!  It's been so long and I am rusty and definitely behind on the trends but I don't really care since it's just for me I can do exactly what I want.

Tracy K.

Friendly Cats? and a Smile :)

Allison and her friend pretending to be cats.  I caught them unaware but they did notice the camera after the first few clicks!

I just felt like scrapping this in purple.  Allie loves purple!!

Tracy K.

Allie (and Tonka) Color

Since I have been scrapping again, I have been itching for color!!  So I made a color scheme from Allie's Layla Beret pictures and decided to add it here as a freebie.  Feel free to use the color scheme for whatever you want but don't use the picture of Allison.

She's so purty <3


Happy Scrapping or whatever it is you will do with the colors :)

Tracy K.

My second Layla Beret!

Shannon over at Little Kids Grow  has been working very hard to perfect the Layla Beret Pattern.  This second version was so easy to sew!!  It went together in under 45 minutes and the instructions are so clear.  I think I will be making one for every outfit I sew.  Allison loves them, she thinks she looks like an artist when she has a beret on :)

Kissy face Allie!  The flower is hiding her baseball injury :)

Yep still kissy face Allie in the house!

Mom I am going to have lots and lots of cats when I grow up!  That's what she was talking about.  We won't let her have a cat because our dogs would eat the poor thing.  The other day we were driving to town and she informed us that we couldn't bring the dogs to her house for a visit when she grows up because her cats won't like it.  Made me laugh.

It's raining, it's pouring but Allie is definitely not snoring!  You can see the steri strips in this picture.  They really need to come off soon but she is scared to take them off.  It's been a week so I think today I will let her soak in the bath and see what happens.

Trying to look like she's smiling natrually!

Love this expression!!!  It looks like she is about to tell me something really important.

The back of the beret.  I love how Allie has her feet up on the window.  

Another Allie original pose lol.  I love it when she improvises.  I think it shows her more clearly as she is.  I am hoping to get outside later today, if the rain stops.  If we do there will be some better pictures of the outfit which I call Frills and Puffs.

Can you see that she was laughing here?  Her friend Haley came over and she was hamming it up!

Last one!

Happy sewing from me to you and don't forget to head over to LKG and sign up for Shannon's newsletter.  You will get the Layla Beret Pattern free just for signing up!!  Thanks Shannon!

Tracy K.

Friday, 24 May 2013

Batter Up!

Allie got a new baseball bat last weekend.  After a few minutes of play we heard a scream, then crying, then A.J. ran to the window and I heard "Oh my God!".  So of course that had me running out the door.  What I saw was Allie running towards me with blood running down her face.  It was a little scary until I realized she was ok and that the cut wasn't too bad.  We still decided that a trip to the emergency room was needed just in case she needed stitches so Phil ended up sitting there with her for 5 hours.

The picture I scrapped is after she got home from the hospital.

I used a lot of my old kits to scrap this and created a few new items.  Since everything is by me, I feel no need to give myself credit ha ha!

Happy Scrapping!

Tracy K.


What more can I say?  This post is just two of my girls being happy together <3

Well I guess there is more to say.  They are both wearing outfits sewn from old sheets!  Sidney's outfit was made last summer and still fits her.  It's nice when that happens!  I never took proper pictures of it last summer but aside from a few grass stains it has worn and washed really well.  The only thing I don't like about it is the placement of the tie strap.  It always slides towards the center and the fabric gets all bunched up.  I think I will try to tack it down to the elastic in a place I like and see if that helps.

Allie's outfit can be found in previous blog posts.  I am sure anyone who reads my blog is getting fairly sick of seeing it!!  Sorry, that's just how I roll.

Happy sewing from me to you!

Tracy K.