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Friday, 24 May 2013

Batter Up!

Allie got a new baseball bat last weekend.  After a few minutes of play we heard a scream, then crying, then A.J. ran to the window and I heard "Oh my God!".  So of course that had me running out the door.  What I saw was Allie running towards me with blood running down her face.  It was a little scary until I realized she was ok and that the cut wasn't too bad.  We still decided that a trip to the emergency room was needed just in case she needed stitches so Phil ended up sitting there with her for 5 hours.

The picture I scrapped is after she got home from the hospital.

I used a lot of my old kits to scrap this and created a few new items.  Since everything is by me, I feel no need to give myself credit ha ha!

Happy Scrapping!

Tracy K.

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