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Friday, 24 May 2013

Pinstripe Capris with Dolman Top 1

I made these capri pants for Sid a few weeks ago.  So far they have held up really well.  I've washed them a few times probably 10 times at least.  I used french seams throughout and top stitched in aqua blue.  I also added aqua blue buttons.

See the blue buttons?  They just happen to be a perfect match for the blue on the top!

She loves her guitar and is learning to play via YouTube videos!

This is my Sid!  A daredevil at heart.  Notice she is not wearing shoes and you should have seen the antics on the picture which didn't make the cut!

Strike a pose!

Her hair is already going blond from the sun.  Every Summer she turns into a little Blondie, then her hair darkens over the Winter.

I am really loving watching her grow up.  Her new body is making her uncomfortable but sewing clothes for her is helping.  I can make flowy tops which conceal but still look stylish for her.  I won't write in public what I have to fight to get her to wear but I'm sure all you ladies remember being a pre-teen :)

I still love this top.  She has worn it all Winter and it's not showing any wear at all.  That's not only because I sewed it myself but also because of the fabric itself.  It was thrift-ed from a garage sale last summer and washes up so well.  I really love it when something I sew makes the cut and lasts longer than it fits.  My son has decided that he doesn't like his Don't Shoot Jacket anymore and I must admit it hurts a bit.  Sidney has adopted it though so at least that sewing hasn't gone to waste.  I can't help but wonder what happened.  Did someone make fun of him?  He says no but the suddenness of his refusal to wear it strikes me funny.

I used Simplicity 5487 for these pants but I shortened them to capri length.  I don't even know if this pattern is still available I bought it years ago to sew for my eldest daughter but I never used it.  For a long time I only sewed up things I drafted myself and in truth I still draft a lot of my patterns but I am learning that using patterns in a great way to learn new techniques and improve my sewing.  That's a definite bonus for me so I am trying hard to sew up more patterns.

Happy sewing from me to you!

Tracy K.

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