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Thursday, 2 May 2013

The Layla Beret by LKG Patterns and Tutorials

I was lucky enough to test the Layla Beret pattern by LKG Patterns and Tutorials this week.  I must say I love the result!  It's a sassy little girl beret and it's easy too!  The best part?  It will be offered as a free pattern to those who subscribe to Shannon's new newsletter.  You can find her blog here.  I have been a subscriber to Shannon's blog since Project Run and Play and I am so happy that I am.  I love Shannon's Motivation Monday's and her love for her family really shines through when you read her posts.

I am not a very good photographer so please don't riot when you see the pictures!  I will also be posting a digiscrap layout sometime in the coming week.  It feels really good to be scrapping again.

This pattern was a quick sew.  I think it took me an hour and a half but if I hadn't started late at night when I was already tired I think it would have gone faster.

Shannon included a link to her Easy Peasy Flower Tutorial in the pattern.  I didn't try it for this version but I will for the next.

The beret fit Allie very well.  She is 7 and I used the size small for her.  It stayed on her head, even with all her dancing and running (and there was a lot!!!  She wanted zooming pictures!).

I love the expressions that flit across her face so fast, almost as fast as I can press the button on my camera.

The sun wasn't co-operating with me and a lot of the pictures look bleached out but I still love them of course!

I am still learning this pictures on your blog thing and I think next time I will save them a bit bigger.  I found the ones in my Scirocco Dress post were way too big and took forever to upload.  These ones are a bit too low quality however so it looks like I don't have it just right yet!

I love the open back on the Scirocco Dress but when I first saw this pattern I remember thinking it was a bit risque for a child.  Now that summer is here I am comfortable putting it on Allie as long as she doesn't wear it like this for school.  For school I make her wear a shirt under it.

I love the above picture of my youngest!


Don't forget to visit Little Kids Grow to get the latest from Shannon and remember if you sign up for her newsletter (this option will be available soon) you will get the Layla Beret Pattern FREE!!!

Happy Sewing from me to you.

Tracy K.


  1. You are an amazing pattern tester, Tracy. Your daughter looks adorable in the beret. Thank you, thank you!

    1. Thank you Shannon! It was my pleasure and a lot of fun!