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Friday, 14 June 2013

Olympiad 2013 - Allison

I always find that the younger kids seem to get more out of Olympiad.  They get so excited and try so hard to be the best they can be.  It doesn't matter to them if they are first or last, it only matters that they are having fun.  And while I love going with all of my children I find I also get different things out of the day with the different age groups.  With Allie's group I felt so much joy!!!  They all love each other so much at 6 and 7 years old.  Thanks for the great day guys :)

The day began with a walk from our school to the french school.

The first event of the day was the sprint.  Go Allie Go!!

Goofing around with her hat while she waits to skip.

Look Mom it's on backwards!!

See what I mean about the love and the joy in the young ones?

Skipping, and looking adorable but distracted while doing it!

Love the look on your face sweet one!

Ok I know I probably got a little carried away with the skipping pictures but hey it's my blog :)

Shuttle Run.

Lol this one looks like a classic self portrait pose for facebook!!!  In reality she is talking away to me as I take pictures.

Love this proud of herself grin and the little gap between her two front teeth.  Family rumor is that my maternal grandmother had a gap between her two front teeth that embarrassed her.  She wouldn't smile without holding her hand over her mouth to hide it!!!

Best Buds.  Mine is the tall one but it makes me laugh that the small one is the ring leader!!

Backwards medicine ball toss.

I am not sure why I took this picture but I couldn't resist posting it.

Standing long jump, she nailed her landing :)

This is as she is about to jump as is the one below.

I love you Allie!!!  I am so glad you wanted to share this day with me.

Tracy K.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Olympiad 2013 - Sidney

Sidney is one of those kids who goes hard at everything she does.  I think/hope I captured some of that part of her personality with these pictures.  I hope someone else enjoys them as much as I do :)

Sorry it's blurry, like I've said before, I am not a very good photographer!!

Go Sidney!

Not sure what this face is but I felt like sharing it with the world.  It seems like she's saying get it over with Mom.

I tried so hard to get some good skipping pictures but I just didn't get any I consider very good.

It doesn't mean she didn't try hard though!

Shuttle run!


Friends :)

LOL Sidney, caught you with another strange expression on your face!

Love this goofy girl!!!

This was the girls waiting for their turn to skip.  All the boys in her group went first.  The blue shirts are Ecole Notre Dame.

These girls have become her friends after a rough start last year.  I think it was hard for them to let a stranger into the group but they have finally accepted her.

Snack time.  I was far away and zoomed in on her but the picture is so blurry :(

They are all growing up so fast!

Tracy K.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Olympiad 2013 - A.J.

Every year my kids school gets together with a neighboring French school for a fun day of activities.  We call it Olympiad and it\s a way for the French kids and the English kids to get to know each other.  With language issues always on the surface here in Quebec I cherish every opportunity to teach my kids that there really is no US and THEM.  I've always been proud of my Quebec heritage and I hope they will be too.

Hanging from the monkey bars.

Posing and trying to look serious for me even though I tried to get a candid shot he caught me!!

Skipping, I really noticed a difference between the boys coordination and the girls coordination during this event.

Still skipping :)

Getting ready to sprint.

Go A.J. Go!

Backwards medicine ball toss.

Standing long jump.

High jump.

Posing for me :)  What a handsome little man.

Shuttle run.


I had a great day taking pictures of A.J and Sidney and their classes.  Pictures of Sidney in the next post and Allie in the one after that.

Summer is finally here I think and the kids are starting to look tanned and blond.  This week has been rainy though and Track and Field was cancelled today and will most likely be cancelled tomorrow too :(

Stay dry everyone :)

Tracy K.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Rainy Day Bubbles!

Sidney and Allie found a way to amuse themselves today, even though it was raining. I am glad  I got my camera out Sidney got my camera out because these little moments are the ones that always make me smile later on.  Here are some pictures of my youngest two enjoying themselves (mostly Sid because she stayed out the longest).

This approach is a new one to me.  Blow bubbles inside the bubble cup and watch them spill over.  Sidney had a lot of fun with this.

She was trying so hard to get a bubble inside a bubble!

Still trying and definitely getting frustrated!  The bubble wand was thrown down a few times.  Sidney does not have a lot of patience or tolerance with herself when she can't do something.

A bubble caterpillar apparently.  I thought it looked very pretty.

Sidney took this picture of Allison before I realized what she wanted the camera for and rescued it.  Camera + Bubbly Hands + Sidney = DISASTER!!!  I am really glad I decided to investigate :)

Pretty bubbles!

Another caterpillar shot.

She always tries so hard my Sidney girl.  She sticks at things no matter how angry she gets and keeps trying until she either gets it or gets it the way she wants it to be.

Have a happy day World!!!

Tracy K.