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Monday, 3 June 2013

Marshmallow Catapult

I subscribe to a ridiculous amount of sewing blogs and I love them all but one of my current favorites is It's Always Autumn.  A few days ago when I opened up my email from her I saw this: 

need I say more?  I mean this craft has it all.  It's easy.  I had everything on hand already (and a quick trip to the grocery store will solve your problem if you don't).  It's edible!!  I knew the kids would love it.  So today when a bored Sidney asked "Mom do you know any crafts I can do?"  I knew what to say.  I found the post on Autumn's blog and handed my ipad to Sidney.  Away they went.

 Now before you scroll down to the pictures a little warning.  My house is decorated in I have kids and dogs and I prefer to be sewing or scrapbooking chic.  Not everyone can acheive this look.  Please no jealous comments because the dog food bag decor of my kitchen makes you green with envy.  I am sure if you dig deep you can come up with your own unique decorating style too!! :)

At first Sidney way the only crafter.

But it wasn't long before Allie joined in on the fun.

I love the look on her face in this picture!

I told him to smile and this is what I got lol!  That is not a smile A.J.!


A.J. is clearly having fun creating his own version of the Marshmallow Catapult.  I don't think I got very many good pictures of it but he totally changed the design after this picture was taken and ended up with a unique and one of a kind catapult.  Which he then ate most of :)




You can sort of see A.J.'s design in this picture.  I guess he is like me, a designer at heart.  He can do something and follow directions only to a point and then he has to change it.

We had fun with this and I highly recommend it.  Thanks for the idea Autumn I truly appreciate it and my kids do too!

Tracy K.

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