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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Noodlehead's Bike Basket goes Trashy!

Yep I turned it into a bunk bed trash basket!  My version is really shoddily made (sorry Anna!) but don't let that put you off of Anna's great tutorial on her blog Noodlehead.  Her instructions are clear and easy to follow.  I have been eyeing this tutorial for a while but something about the part where you keep your needle in the fabric and turn the fabric always seemed way to complicated for me.  Today I just went slow and read everything as I went and it worked like a charm. 

I am not sure why these pictures look like they are different colors, the lighting I am guessing?  I really wish I had the money and time to take a photography course.  It is one of those area's where my impatience really comes out.

 I think if I make this basket again (and really what are the chances that I won't?) I will be much more careful about the fabrics I choose.  I liked the denim for this project (I used an old pair of A.J.'s jeans) it had enough body and stiffness.  I did not like the recycled sheet though.  It was just too floppy and even though I wanted the basket to match the curtains I made last year with denim and this same sheet, I wish I hadn't used it.  The end result is like I said shoddily sewn,.  I almost didn't put the pictures up but then I thought why not?  I am not always perfect and neither is my sewing.  Some days I just want a quick project that doesn't really matter.  This is a trash bin after all!!  Below is the old trash system ha ha!

Have a great day everyone and happy sewing :)

Tracy K.

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