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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Olympiad 2013 - A.J.

Every year my kids school gets together with a neighboring French school for a fun day of activities.  We call it Olympiad and it\s a way for the French kids and the English kids to get to know each other.  With language issues always on the surface here in Quebec I cherish every opportunity to teach my kids that there really is no US and THEM.  I've always been proud of my Quebec heritage and I hope they will be too.

Hanging from the monkey bars.

Posing and trying to look serious for me even though I tried to get a candid shot he caught me!!

Skipping, I really noticed a difference between the boys coordination and the girls coordination during this event.

Still skipping :)

Getting ready to sprint.

Go A.J. Go!

Backwards medicine ball toss.

Standing long jump.

High jump.

Posing for me :)  What a handsome little man.

Shuttle run.


I had a great day taking pictures of A.J and Sidney and their classes.  Pictures of Sidney in the next post and Allie in the one after that.

Summer is finally here I think and the kids are starting to look tanned and blond.  This week has been rainy though and Track and Field was cancelled today and will most likely be cancelled tomorrow too :(

Stay dry everyone :)

Tracy K.

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