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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Olympiad 2013 - Sidney

Sidney is one of those kids who goes hard at everything she does.  I think/hope I captured some of that part of her personality with these pictures.  I hope someone else enjoys them as much as I do :)

Sorry it's blurry, like I've said before, I am not a very good photographer!!

Go Sidney!

Not sure what this face is but I felt like sharing it with the world.  It seems like she's saying get it over with Mom.

I tried so hard to get some good skipping pictures but I just didn't get any I consider very good.

It doesn't mean she didn't try hard though!

Shuttle run!


Friends :)

LOL Sidney, caught you with another strange expression on your face!

Love this goofy girl!!!

This was the girls waiting for their turn to skip.  All the boys in her group went first.  The blue shirts are Ecole Notre Dame.

These girls have become her friends after a rough start last year.  I think it was hard for them to let a stranger into the group but they have finally accepted her.

Snack time.  I was far away and zoomed in on her but the picture is so blurry :(

They are all growing up so fast!

Tracy K.

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