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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Rainy Day Bubbles!

Sidney and Allie found a way to amuse themselves today, even though it was raining. I am glad  I got my camera out Sidney got my camera out because these little moments are the ones that always make me smile later on.  Here are some pictures of my youngest two enjoying themselves (mostly Sid because she stayed out the longest).

This approach is a new one to me.  Blow bubbles inside the bubble cup and watch them spill over.  Sidney had a lot of fun with this.

She was trying so hard to get a bubble inside a bubble!

Still trying and definitely getting frustrated!  The bubble wand was thrown down a few times.  Sidney does not have a lot of patience or tolerance with herself when she can't do something.

A bubble caterpillar apparently.  I thought it looked very pretty.

Sidney took this picture of Allison before I realized what she wanted the camera for and rescued it.  Camera + Bubbly Hands + Sidney = DISASTER!!!  I am really glad I decided to investigate :)

Pretty bubbles!

Another caterpillar shot.

She always tries so hard my Sidney girl.  She sticks at things no matter how angry she gets and keeps trying until she either gets it or gets it the way she wants it to be.

Have a happy day World!!!

Tracy K.

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