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Saturday, 20 July 2013

New Hair for Sidney :)

Sid has a lot of hair.  In the Summer it gets HOT so this Summer we decided to go for a look I had when I was 16.  I loved my hair like this and am a bit jealous to be honest.  Sigh.  Most of the time I love getting older, but some things are taboo for a 40 year old that are just cool for a 10 year old :)

Yes, this is after her hair was cut.  Can you tell?

She didn't believe us when we said no one would notice unless she wanted them to notice.

So we took pictures to prove it to her.  Oops looks like I messed up when I edited this one!!!

She is such a gorgeous girl both inside and out.  She was voted as the most "fair" person in her grade this year.  It made me so very proud of her <3

Daddy you are pulling to hard!!

This feels cool!

Looks pretty darn cool too!

I am gonna play shy though because it's fun :)
I love how cool you are my Sidney girl!!

Love it Mom and Dad, thanks!!  Ha ha it looks more like she is saying she is not really sure yet but I think she likes it.  I know she has fun waiting to see who notices and who doesn't!!!  Seems like some of her old friends are observant enough but the boys aren't.

The kids are enjoying seeing some of their old friends here in La Ronge and it makes me happy to see them happy.  In their hearts this is still home to them.

Happy Summer everyone!

Tracy K.

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