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Saturday, 20 July 2013

Summer KCW - PJ Shorts

Ok so it's day 6 of Summer KCW and this is all the kids clothes sewing I've done, but better one thing than nothing :) and since he really needed them, I call it a win.

I made 1 pattern piece PJ shorts for AJ.  The pattern is a self drafted one that was originally for Sidney but I redrafted it to make some nice roomy PJ shorts for AJ.  I used one meter of green flannel and I plan to make him at least 2 more pairs.  Even in the Winter we usually sleep in shorts around here but AJ has been left out for the most part.  For some reason I can never seem to make shorts that fit him properly.  That changed yesterday, finally!!!!  The fit is awesome, exactly what I was going for and exactly what he likes for laying around playing video games.  And the best part is, these should fit him for a few years.  I was able to wear them, though getting them over my hips was a squeeze, and Jess was able to get them on no problem.  Score!!

Front View 

 Left Side

 Right Side

 AJ using a rake as a spear :)

A curious thing happens when I take pictures of the clothes I sew

I start with the clothes, but very quickly switch to admiring my kids.

They fill me with awe and amazement.  The spirit, imagination and pure awesomeness never ceases to amaze me.

AJ always cracks me up.  His fun loving and simply him personality really shines on camera.  When I asked him to let me know the next time he "died" (he was playing a video game) so that we could go take pictures of his new shorts, I didn't even make it back to my room before he called me.  So out to the backyard we went.  There are at least 50 more awesome AJ poses on my camera but I narrowed it down to the ones above.

I hope everyone is having an amazing Summer!   We are in Saskatchewan keeping Phil company and really hoping that the shop will be sold soon.  Every Summer when I leave here for the drive back to Quebec I look back as we pass the La Ronge sign and wonder if I will ever see it again.  So far I always have lol.

Happy Sewing!!

Tracy K.

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