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Friday, 13 September 2013

Allie and Fluffy Belly

The cuteness between Allie and her bunny continues!  After the PR&P photos I just kept snapping pics.  I couldn't resist :)

From this angle you can see our swing set and the neighbors trailer lol.

Kisses for Fluffy Belly <3

I like to call this the "What Mom?" look!!

Hug :)

Pretending to be a bunny.  A good angle of Fluffy Belly's weird half lop/half rex ears!

And some colors for digiscrapping from the pics.  I changed the saturation on this picture to more accurately reflect the actual colors of her outfit and the stuff around her.  I guess my camera washes colors out sometimes.  The untouched pictures look a but more subtle but the one I photoshopped looks more like reality.

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