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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Banyan Pants - Finally took some pics of them

Beautiful Red Banyan Pants.  Allie's version of modelling :)

Hmm I wonder if I can climb this tree?   Those of you who have read my blog before know that Allie loves climbing trees.  She just couldn't resist today.

Yep!  Even without branches I can do it!

So now you know, Banyan Pants are perfect for climbing trees.

Roomy and comfortable, perfect for swinging from branches too!!

I love the details on these pants and I'm glad that I top stitched in a contrasting color.

Allie appreciates the pockets.

And I love how they are just a tad to long for her so they bunch up around her ankles.  How cute are they?

This was the first zipper fly I ever did and I'm pretty proud of it :)  It's not perfect but it doesn't look totally horrible either.

The top is one I made for Sidney last year and it was actually a fail.  I didn't follow the directions in the pattern envelope and the neckline ended up looking really weird so I added elastic.  It ended up looking cute anyhow.  I also added the band at the bottom because the bubble look is much cuter than the baggy look.

In this picture she was really upset because her brother had let her toad go.  Poor girl!

This pattern was amazing and I am going to sew it again soon.  Maybe this week for the Plaid Challenge for week 2 of PR&P.


  1. Great job with the pants and your first fly!!! Love all the pockets and the shape made by the pleats.

    1. Thank you!!! I consider these pants an adventure and Allie loves them so that's always a plus.