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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Brown Linen a Year Later and What to wear when you are 10 and gorgeous :)

Almost a year ago I made this Brown Linen Dress for Allison for Grade 1.

Since then she has grown a few inches and it has been washed uncountable times.

At first I resisted washing it because I had never sewn with or owned anything linen before. Once I did wash it I was surprised.  It didn't do too badly in the washer or the dryer and I kind of like the crinkle factor. 

The leggings are self drafted and sewn from some knit I picked up at a garage sale.

They work well for pretending you are a lion but I think they could be a tad tighter.

Most of the time this is what the ties look like but I am ok with it.  I hate to iron and honesty it took me years to realize that it makes my sewing so much better.

These two are really starting to connect.  The three years between them seems less of a gulf now.

They are also home alone together after school this year since A.J. has gone off to high school (gasp!).

Here is classic Sidney.  She is truly a goof!!

And as always this outfit is great for climbing trees.

So I wanted to talk about Sidney's outfit a bit because I love it on her and I think it suits her well.  She is wearing a Tapout shirt and some thrifted longer length shorts.  She put this outfit together herself and as soon as I saw it it just made me smile because it is so Sidney.  Cool and girly but also tomboyish.  She is growing up so fast but still retains her fighting spirit.  I love you girls!!!


  1. I'm with you on the ironing.. hate doing it, but it pays off when I do. Linen especially needs a lot of ironing, but I love the fabric.

    1. I must admit I am a linen convert. I can't afford to buy yardage but I always look at labels when I am at the thrift store.