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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

PR & P Week 2 - Candy Inspired

Sidney likes the outfit with the black belt and headband.

I like it with the blue sash tied in a bow.

This girl!!!  It's so hard to get her to pose in a reasonably normal manner.

She is a goof by nature and holding it in at home is hard for her to do.  I think she holds it in at school all day then gets home and explodes!

Yep I know you wouldn't have know if I didn't tell you but this is the back :)  The skirt was made with a tutorial found on Simple Simon and Co. found here.  I changed the waistband though because I wanted it to be elastic.  The chances of Sid wearing it if it wasn't are slim.  She's all about the comfort and I really don't blame her.  Sid loves the skirt and has already requested that I make it into a dress for her grade 6 grad.  Really baby?  It's still September :)

The look a little closer.  I am really loving the teal and orange together.  She swore she wouldn't get Popsicle on the shirt if I let her have one after school.  I knew she was lying lol!  Originally I was inspired by cotton candy but the looks I came up with didn't get finished on time.  There is a bolero half sewn which goes with this outfit and a whole outfit for Allie in my head still.  I picked all the fabric from my stash.  The knit fabric is from a garage sale over a year ago and the orange and teal are just basic quilting cotton.  So overall another really cheap outfit.

I used orange thread on the t-shirt because I knew I was going to make an orange skirt.  The shirt is awesome isn't it?  Its a free pattern by Melissa of Melly Sews and Blank Slate Patterns.  You can find it here.  This pattern was amazing to use Melissa.  Thank you so much for creating it and for allowing us to download it for free!!!  Don't do what I did though and topstitch on the top portion of the shirt.  It looks weird!  I wanted the orange contrast but I am not loving the end result.  With a normal stitch I would rip it out but this stitch is almost impossible to remove.  Yep I know from experience.

My seams are wonky and stretched but that's not the pattern's fault.  I am just new to sewing with knits and I only have a basic machine.  I use a stretch zigzag recommended in my machines manual but I am not really loving it for this type of knit.  I worked really well for my daughters bathing suit this summer but that knit had much more body to it.

Allie had a hard time with the fact that it wasn't her photoshoot.  She had to sneak in.  Notice anything different?

Yep Fluffy Belly had to sneak in too :)

He doesn't really like being held but as soon as you put him down he is totally at ease.  He will cuddle next to  you happily as long as you don't pick him up.  He is such a nice bunny though and doesn't kick or scratch even when he is scared.  Not like him Mommy who bites even though she's been handled since she was 3 days old.

So what do you think of Allie's new hair?  I really love it and am glad we finally did it.  It takes a great deal of the stress out of our mornings and she is a much happier girl.  As for the bunnies, the brown one is Thumper, one of our original two.  The white and grey one is Fatso, she is Fluffy Belly's sister.  We called her Fatso because she was the biggest in the litter from day one.  These two are both skittish.  Thumper always has been and Fatso became skittish over the Summer while we were away.  She forgot us I guess.


  1. Maybe if you want the try contrast stitching on another one try a twin needle instead of a zig-zag? Easier to rip out if you change your mind, too. But overall, I like it.

    1. I would love to try a double needle but I just happen to live in a place where they are hard to come by. I have an amazing fabric wholesaler close to me but they don't sell any extras. I suppose I could order one online but it just seemed silly to pay shipping for something so small. Anyhow thanks again for the free pattern! I will keep trying and trying different stitches until I find the perfect one.

  2. I love the look on a cute but so wearable too!!!! I love orange and blue together---good work!

    1. I have to say you made my evening!! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment, I know you must be busy commenting away so it means a lot that you made it here!!! Very much appreciated :)

  3. Love the bright fun colour you have used. Orange and blue look so good together.

    1. Thanks Pam :) They are Sid's two favorite colors right now.

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you!! Orange and Teal are Sidney's current favorite colors.