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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Hi/Low Cowl Neck Mashup

Sid at her best :)  Dirty knees and messy hair.  Love you my sweet, amazing and very active girl!!

I used some knit I picked up at a garage sale (the teal) and some knit I picked up at the thrift store (the purple).  The blue is very soft and comfy but it is hard to work with because it has no body.  It flops around on the sewing machine and stretches wherever it pleases.  Sidney does love the shirt and I think the softness is a bonus when it's cold outside.

So for the Hi/Low Pattern I used Mellisa from Melly Sews Free Hi/Low Shirt Pattern and Tutorial.  I have found that her free patterns are the perfect size for Sid and require no modifications.  I think if I make this pattern in a knit again (it's really for a woven not a knit) I will take out the darts.  I don't think Sid really needs them yet but she will soon and she probably would in a woven fabric.

This shirt is perfect for pretending you are a Super Sidney!!  

For the Cowl Neck I used the Cowl portion of the Bimaa SweaterPattern by LouBeeClothing.  I love this pattern and I hope Sarah comes out with a Tween and an Adult version!!  Please Sarah :)

The look on her face here is gorgeous and another pure Sid picture.  

You can see on the sides that the fabric stretched quite a bit while I was sewing (I use my plain old sewing machine with no special foot) but I think it still hangs rather nicely.  The stretch seems to be even and creates a ruched look, not intended but still looks ok.  I added the purple because I am out of the blue.  I'm a bit sad about it too because when I run out of my current thrifted and garage sale knits I will have to resort to using my old t-shirts.  I can't afford to buy fabric and won't be able too for the foreseeable future.

See it covers me up in the back and there is no risk of a Crack Attack!!  Sorry to be so crass but this kid is the Crack Attack Queen!!  I am always telling her to pull up her pants or go get a belt or pull down her shirt.  I love the Hi/Low trend because it helps out a lot in this area.

Yes even Tweens can pretend they are cats sometimes :)


  1. Totally cute! I don't sew nearly enough..but your post gets me excited about sewing! :) Blessings!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Shari Lynne!! And for leaving a comment, I appreciate every one :)

  2. The top looks great! The teal and purple are a fun color combo.:)

    1. Thanks Cindy :) She really likes it and wears this top regularly.