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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Bumblebee Dress Blog Tour - Today is my day!!!

My latest Bumblebee Dress by Sewing Mama Rae Anna has light purple which Allie loves and black with tiny white flowers which I love.  I actually bought this fabric for myself about 2 years ago but never got around to sewing anything with it.  When I was looking around for fabric to use for the latest Bumblebee Dress I knew I wanted a more traditional look than my last version here.  

I couldn't resist doing a double ruffle on the sleeves again.  It's really easy to do, here are the steps:
Step 1 - Cut out 2 ruffles in each of the fabrics you want to use
Step 2 - Decide which fabric you want as your top ruffle.
Step 3 - Iron that one in half lengthwise
Step 4 - Pin along the top of your second fabric matching the raw edges
Step 5 - Baste the two together
Step 6 - Treat the two ruffles as one and follow the rest of RaeAnna's directions.

I decided to add the ruffle from View B to the bottom of my View A dress because I am just loving the ruffles.  They make me smile.  I followed the exact same process as for the sleeves.  I won't lie the bottom ruffle was a labor of love for sure but when I was done I was smiling and I think every time I see Allie wear this dress I will smile.

Double Ruffle <3

Bodice Ruffle <3

Double Ruffle on the bottom <3

Unfortunately we were rained out.  It's been raining all weekend and it snowed Friday.  I will take the rain over the snow any day!!  So these pictures are taken under my front deck.  Not ideal and the light was very low so they are a little grainy.  Sorry RaeAnna!!!

I told Allie she could be silly.  So here she is in all her gorgeous 7 year old silliness!!!

I feel that this dress looks very old fashioned.  If the boots were tie up ones she could star in Anne of Green Gables.  She would need a red haired wig though but she has enough freckles :)

I am not sure what this is but lets just say that since November 11th is Remembrance Day she is saluting our Veterans.  I am still not used to the fact that it is not a Holiday here in Quebec.  It was in Saskatchewan and so my hubby is off today.

Yep it's still raining :(

Hope you liked this version of the Bumblebee Dress and will consider buying your own pattern.  It takes a few hours to sew up but in the end you have something to be proud of forever.  Thanks for letting me be part of your blog tour RaeAnna!!


  1. I like this dress :) I love diys I wish I had more time and resources to do them. I really love the bow cuffs that you did in an earlier post!

    1. Thank you Chari! I am big on upcycling because I can't afford to buy any new fabric. Almost everything I sew if from old clothes or fabric I got at at a garage sale or thrift store. They are both great places to get a ton of fabric for a dollar or two. Not the latest fabric but it's easy to make it look like the latest. Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. I think the boots are awesome!!! The Anne of Green Gables books were my favorite! I read just about everything that Lucy Maud Montgomery wrote!

    Thank you for being part of the tour!!! So much fun to see all the different versions!

    1. It was lots of fun RaeAnna, thanks for having me!

  3. Very fun. I am excited to see this dress on a little older girl because it brings me complete courage that I will be sewing this for years to come.
    With Love,

    1. My 10 year old really wanted one too but she just doesn't fit into it :( She is growing so fast. Thanks for stopping by :)