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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Free Photoshop Action - Tag Cutter

Today I have another actions for you to play with.  One thing every scrapbook kit can use is a tag or two.  I created this set of custom shapes and the action to go with it years ago.  It puts each tag on it's own layer so all you have to do is drag it onto a new canvas and save or delete all the other layer and save.  

This action is easy to install and use.  To install simply unzip the folder then drag the custom shapes (.csh) into Photoshop and drag the action (.atn) into Photoshop. Then open 12X12 background that is 300ppi. even a photo or texture will look amazing but it must be the correct size to work properly.

This action has been tested in PSCS all the way up to PSCS4 which is the version I currently use myself.  If you have a newer version will you please leave a comment letting me know if they do or do not work for you?

To download click on the preview or click here

This action set is CU/PU/S4H/S4O so use it for whatever you wish, even something you are selling.