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Saturday, 9 April 2016

Peek the Raccoon - Patterned Papers

I got the patterned papers uploaded, yay!!!  So that means you get to download them and start loving them as much as I do.  I also found the time for a Sadie layout.  She is growing so fast, in some ways it makes me sad and in others I can't wait for her to outgrow puppy habits.

 She still runs away from her leash when we go for walks, which makes me sad.  She seems fine once we are out of the house, she just doesn't like the leaving part.  I think this is a natural puppy instinct.  Not wanting to leave the safety of the home but I will be very happy once she in confident enough to love walks as much as Coda does.

Here are the patterned papers for you to enjoy.

Hope your weekend started of amazing and keeps on going that way :)

Tracy K.


  1. SO adorable! Thank you for sharing!

  2. cute papers, thanks for sharing them

  3. Thank you very much! Nice lay-out, she really looks so cute! I think you may be right that she does not want to leave the safety of her home.But I'm confident you will do all the posible to make her feel safe and one day she will no longer hesitate.

    1. I hope so Karin because it makes me sad to see her scared :(

  4. So cute! thank you so much for the gorgeous papers, and for the journalcards.