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Saturday, 7 May 2016

Adult Coloring Page 1 - Free Adult Coloring Page

Today I have something new and different for you all.  I got an adult coloring book from my daughter for Christmas and while I haven't actually colored anything yet I have been admiring the amazing pictures.  Drooling and dreaming and wishing I could draw like that.  Well I can't but I do have photoshop and that allows me to pretend sometimes.  So here is my personal version of an adult coloring page.  It's high quality and printable or you could open it in your scrapbooking program of choice and color it digitally.  This first version is the intense version.  There is also a relaxed version so if this one it a little too intense for you then don't despair!!  Come back tomorrow for the relaxed version :)

I hope this brings some Sunshine and Rainbows to your day!!!

Tracy K. 


  1. Very cool Tracy !! I love to color !! I will definitely be giving this one a try :) Thank you .

    1. You are very sweet Sherry. Thank you for leaving me a comment. I also noticed all your awesome comments around the digi scrapping blogosphere today, you are super!

  2. My 7yo twin girls are all into these I luv'm cause it keeps them busy ...LOL THANK YOU bunches :)