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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

New $2 Planner Series - Free Planner Printables

Hi again!  I am not trying to spam you guys so I hope no one minds a 3rd post in one day.  I wanted to make sure you could choose your favorite type of calendar since it's the first of the month.  This set has a grid and the numbers are faded a bit so you can write your activities or birthdays or whatever you want and you should still be able to see the date and your own writing.
2 sizes included - 8.5X11 and 4X6
2 layouts included - centered and offset for binder

Ok that's all for today but I am going to keep planning for now and hopefully over the next few days/weeks you will end up with a full set.  One tip - buy a binder with a plastic sleeve over the top so you can slip the cover page or even this calendar into it.  Also page protectors and a dry erase marker for the to do list type things so that you can just erase and not have to print multiple times.

Happy planning from Tracy K.

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