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Thursday, 2 June 2016

To Do List - Free Planner Printable

Hi guys!  I got another thing done for my $2 planner series.  I hope you find it useful :)
Included sizes - 8.5X11, 4X6 and 8.5X11 with 4 on the page
Included layouts - Centered and Offset for punching holes in the edge 

I think I am going to print both the full page for inserting in my binder (inside a page protector so I can erase things) and the multi so I can have smaller lists to put in my purse.  Maybe I will get adventurous and cut them out and staple them into a pad.  I have done that type of thing before and usually I use a ruler and my rotary cutter on top of my cutting mat.  Works our well because the cutting mat helps me keep my cut lines straight!!

Happy Planning from Tracy K.