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Friday, 15 July 2016

I set them FREE!

This week I was looking around the area where my desk is (stuck in a corner of the basement) and spotted an old CD case.  For years I have been burning my kits to CD's to get them off my hard drive and free up space.  I hadn't looked at these CD's for years because my old computer decided it was going to break and I had no CDROM to read them.  Sadly my last 200 or so kits were deleted from the hard drive because of this, instead of being saved :(

After looking at them and admiring how my designs have both changed and stayed the same I decided they needed to be set free.  I didn't change them at all, just updated the preview because sadly some of my old stores are no longer open.  Times are tough all around and I hope I can brighten your life by adding some freebies!!

Here is your first Really Old Kit Freebie.  

I hope you will like our trips back in time.  This kit is from 2008 and I sold it at the now extinct SBE or Scrapbook-Elements.  I loved being in that store and really wish that I had never left.  At the time my kids were young and I decided to cut down on my designing to focus on family but looking back it was a mistake.  I think I ended up more anxious and I really have never made the same money again that I made in that amazing store.  I wish it was still around.


  1. Thanks heaps, so sad to hear you lost so much stuff!

  2. Very nice Tracy . Thank you so much for sharing :)
    So sad to hear of your lost creations :(
    Wishing you blue skies and sunshine !!

    1. Thanks Sherry! I will hopefully never have to delete again! External hard drives are getting cheaper and cheaper.

  3. Lovely .. thanks so much :)

  4. WOW Tracy Am I Glad You Are Giving This Kit As A Freebie Its Amazing I LOve it!:)Thanks SO Much For Sharing With Everyone.Very Sorry You Lost Some Art Work Especially If It Was Like This Kit,HOW SAD:(xXx Passing is Such Sweet Sorrow But Hopefully You Will Create More Amazing Things:)x

  5. Really artsy kit, so fun to use. Ouch on the computer fail, this happened to me but I was in luck, a computer savvy friend pulled my hard drive out and salvaged some of my files. I won't have that happen again, so I have two external drives and the cloud. Ha!

  6. It is a fabulous kit! Thank you so much.

  7. Thank you so very much! Money is very tight right now but I love your kits old and new. I have had my old computer fail and lost almost all of my old pages I scrapped. I stayed away for several years it got to me that bad. I lost an external drive with the same crash from a power outage. Recently found a few old ones I had saved that I ha created the pages myself with and it made me want to start again. Thank you again

  8. Thanks so much, love this!

  9. Thank you so much for the gorgeous kit, and for sharing your experience, although I think that we never made mistakes on life, finally it was the best decision one make taking as ground the knowledge and situations that oneself had... and well in somehow I do believe that was God's will, otherwise He shouldn't allowed. Wishing you happy days always. Blessings.