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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Ladybug Rock Planner Freebie

I have been really liking the planner freebies.  The seem to be something I can use over and over again and I have found that my kids like them as well.  I don't have a special machine to cut them out so I just print them on sticker paper on my inkjet and cut them out with nail scissors.  Works like a charm and the girls stay busy for a while :)

My Ladybug Rock kit is available here, here and here.

and here is the matching freebie

Hope you like the freebie and consider buying the kit or bundle.  They are all on sale currently.

Have a happy day from Tracy K.

New Freebie!!

Yes is has been a while since I posted and even longer since I posted a freebie.  Life has been a bit challenging of late but I am healing and starting to be myself again.  Starting to create again. :)  I hope life has been treating all of you well and you are all happy.

Today's freebie is an add-on to my Blast Off freebies.  I linked the elements but there are papers and journal cards too!!  and now you can add planner printable's to the collection.

I saved them as .jpeg files and .png files.  I am not really sure what the planner community needs in terms of files for cutting.  If anyone would like to educate me on this please feel free to leave me some info in the comments section :)

Have a day from Tracy K.